Announcing OSVVM™ 2018.04

April 10, 2018 in Announcement, Functional Coverage, OS-VVM in general

OSVVM™ 2018.04 does some minor extensions and fixes to TbUtilPkg, ScoreboardGenericPkg, CoveragePkg, ScoreboardGenericPkg, and MessagePkg.

In TbUtilPkg, the procedures Increment and WaitForToggle were added for handshaking with type integer. The overloaded procedures RequestTransaction, WaitForTransaction, Toggle, and WaitForToggle were added for handshaking with type bit.

In ScoreboardGenericPkg, the pop functions were made visible. In previous revisions the function declarations were commented out due to issues in some simulators.

In CoveragePkg, a minor fix to the calculation of PercentCov was made to account for AtLeast values of less than or equal to zero. This issue would only impact you if you used a coverage goal (AtLeast parameter) of 0 or less.

Also in CoveragePkg, added “string'” to one of the calls to write to be language compliant – this snuck through as many simulators allowed this – OTOH GHDL issued a compile error – so kudos to the GHDL community for finding and reporting this. Removed the deprecated Increment procedures – but see TbUtilPkg as Increment was added there for type integer.

In AlertLogPkg did a minor update to PathTail to remove any trailing “:” in the path. Note that PathTail is intended to be used on the path returned by applying ‘PATH_NAME to the entity name.

In AlertLogPkg and ScoreboardPkg preparations were made for changing AlertLogIDType from a subtype of integer to a type. This change will happen in a future release of OSVVM. Make sure you are using AlertLogIDType for AlertLogIDs and not type integer.

In MessagePkg, some minor changes were made to the Alert message.

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Getting the release

OSVVM release 2018.04 is available as a zip at OSVVM Downloads.

OSVVM release 2018.04 is available via git at OSVVM GitHub.

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