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OSVVM and Bitvis Utility Library  both provide excellent support for making good testbenches in VHDL, and they cover some of the most important aspects with respect to improving development efficiency and product quality.

  • Functional coverage and Advanced randomisation in OSVVM
  • Logging/reporting and checking-methods (incl. simple randomisation) in Bitivis Utility Library

I agree that it would great to make these two libraries more compatible, so that VHDL users can get the best out of both libraries – in the same testbench.
I think it could be possible to add some functionality to Bitvis Utility Library to allow local error/alert summary in addition to the global one – without jeopardising the simplicity required for simple testbenches. 

We might actually be able to look into this already during the summer months. Let’s find out what is needed and what we can do  🙂

Jim, – just call me or email me when you have time to discuss this. 

– Espen