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Jim Lewis

Hi Tim,
> Is OSVVM supported by the latest Synopsys VCS-MX?
It is my understanding that it is, however, I have not done any testing with it – yet. Hopefully toward the end of the year, that will be changing.

> I didn’t notice any scripts in the OsvvmLibaries/Scripts repository.
It is on my todo list. Does VCS-MX have a tcl interface or do you run
it from the unix/linux shell?

The path to tcl is fairly straight forward. There are a only a
couple of steps.
1) Edit ToolConfiguration.tcl
In VCS-MX run the following tcl command:
puts [info nameofexecutable]

As long as the tail of this path does not match one of the other tools, this is easy,
you would just need to add another branch to the if-then-else of the form:

} elseif {[string match $ToolExecutableName "<root-name-of-executable>"]} {
  set ToolType    "simulator"
  set ToolVendor  "Synopsys"
  set simulator   "VCS-MX"
# if you can get the tool version, ok, but it is ok to temporarily 
# put something in here like I did in GHDL
  quietly set ToolNameVersion ${simulator}-<version>
  echo $ToolNameVersion
  source ${SCRIPT_DIR}/VendorScripts_Synopsys_VCS_MX.tcl

2) Create VendorScripts_Synopsys_VCS_MX.tcl
Copy either Mentor or RivieraPro versions.
Substitute the in the VCS-MX commands to compile for 2008
and run a simulation. Currently for other simulators
I am logging all signals – but for larger sims this may
not be practical.

If you have problems, reach out to be by email. Especially if
either I can write it and you can test it, or if you are willing
to share the final version of the above files.

Best Regards,