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Jim Lewis

Hi Michael,
Thanks for the long winded question – it gives me the information I need.

It looks like the instance name is the same for all instances of the UART.
As a result statement that constructs the ReceiveFifo is connecting them all
together. Currently this:

ReceiveFifo <= NewID("ReceiveFifo", ID, ReportMode => DISABLED) ;

It is just an OSVVM oversight and easy to fix. Changing it to the following and your generate loop should be ok.
ReceiveFifo <= NewID("ReceiveFifo", ID, ReportMode => DISABLED, Search => PRIVATE) ;

If the VC really do have the instance label, then they will also have the same AlertLogID.
In the AXI VC, there is a generic that allows this to be set and the string value of the
generate index can be appended to the name. I should have an official fix shortly.

I will need to simulate it first before I am able to push it though.

Best Regards,