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    To bring even more life into the forum, another question 😉

    I have written a scheduler package. You can register processes to the scheduler and wait for them to finish for example.  I use their instance_name as IDs for the processes.

     I have used that package various times without problems, but now I’ve got an error with Modelsim. It suggests, that the process name can only be used inside the process itself. Is that true? I get this error only in one single testbench in a specific process, not all processes which use the same construct (which is strange). In GHDL I’ve never seen this error.

    An example (init, finished & wait_finished are procedures to register, finish & wait for processes to finish):

     P1 : process is






      end process P1;

      P2 : process is



        wait_finished(P1'instance_name);  -- here the error occurs




      end process P2;

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