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Hi Jim,

Thanks for the quick response.

#2 – Some learning experience here.
I started the journey by studying the example test bench TbAxi4_BasicBurst.
The example went broken as soon as I changed AXI_DATA_WIDTH to a wider one in TbAxi4.
Looking back, it was probably the test cases.
But at that time I did not realized that the test was doing narrow burst.
I attempted to fix the problem by WriteBurstFifo.Push() wider data in AxiSuperProc.
That change immediately throw out some size mismatch error in procedure GetWriteBurstData().

My use case did not really require narrow burst so I commented out the feature in the end:
aWriteStrb := (others => ‘1’) ;
aWriteData := WriteBurstFifo.Pop ; –Note data sized AXI_DATA_WIDTH was pushed
in GetWriteBurstData().

IMHO, address aligned, full-width burst might be more appropriate for a “Basic” burst example.
The narrow burst can be in an “advanced” burst example.