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Jim Lewis

Hi Richard,
This is definitely in scope of a good discussion.

In 2020.08, OSVVM upgraded our scripting. Currently everything is TCL based, but the intent is to also have a BASH based executor of the scripting environment. One of the goals of the current approach is to create a simulation execution environment that is tool independent – ie: scripts for common simulators. Currently we support Aldec ActiveHDL/RivieraPro/VsimSA (for both Active and Riviera) as well as Mentor ModelSim/QuestaSim. I am hoping to have some time in the first half of next year to add support for GHDL, Synopsys and Cadence. GHDL works to some degree by using tclsh and the current scripts, but I am not comfortable calling it a good solution. I think GHDL would be happier with a BASH executor (set of procedures like was done for TCL). One of the key concepts is that everything in the scripts (.pro extension) is executable TCL when the environment is loaded (procedures).

It is in its early phases – it needs a number of additions – such as a way to turn on tool coverage in a tool independent manner. Currently it compiles all code as 2008, but it would be nice to enhance it to be able to switch modes – although I am not sure why even for RTL code I would want to use anything other than 2008 for simulation. This is just to name a few.

It too currently has issues with stopping when a compile/simulate fail. Previous scripts have not done this so I need to look into the settings. However, for the development work I am doing, this is ok.

It is also missing a path into CI. I am thinking that GitLab and BASH might be one possible path.

Currently all OSVVM IP is delivered with OSVVM compile scripts.

Documentation is in Documentation Repository as well as the in the Scripts directory.

Do you use git? Have you looked at GitLab?

Best Regards,