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Jim Lewis

Hi Michael,
Unfortunately this impacts all OSVVM VC. So the same change is needed for the UartTx.

Are you using sources from or GitHub? I have updated the GitHub dev branch. I will update the main branch tomorrow. If you are using sources from, I will update them too, otherwise, they will be updated when 2022.05 is released.

With the addition of the MODEL_ID_NAME, the recommended practice will be:

UART_VC_gen : for i in 0 to 20 generate
  UART_RXD : UartRx
  generic map (
     MODEL_ID_NAME   => "UartRx_" & to_string(i),
  port map (
    TransRec     => Uart_rec(i),
    SerialDataIn => serial_data_tx(i)
end generate UART_VC_gen;

I did not actually test the above code, but I did test similar code that is in OsvvmLibraries/AXI4/Axi4/testbench_MultipleMemory/TbAxi4_MultipleMemory_Generate.vhd
Again this test case is on the dev branch of the Axi4 libraries.