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Jim Lewis

Hi Michael,
I may have specified an extra attribute during simulation. You can adjust for this by doing:
SetCoverageSimulateOptions "-acdb_cov sbm -cc_all"

But it still did not report anything, so I read more into the the Aldec Riviera-PRO reference manual:
> Riviera-PRO does not automatically recognize the finite state machines from code. The user should embed the dedicated pragmas within code in order to obtain the coverage statistics.

So for the statemachine in UartRx.vhd from OsvvmLibraries/UART/src, I added the following attributes to the process

UartRxStateProc : process
    -- Aldec enum RxStateType CURRENT=RxState
    wait until Uart16XClk = '1' ;

That got this example working. Although, I am not sure it is so happy that I used the wait statement in my 1 process statemachine.

Best Regards,