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Jim Lewis

Hi Omaima,
First, I should note you are using the older version of CoveragePkg that has a protected type interface. I suggest that you upgrade to the newer version that has a singleton interface. Please see CoveragePkg_user_guide.pdf in the OsvvmLibraries/Documentation.

Coverage is a data structure. Calls are done in order and items recorded in the data structure in that order.

When you are generating stimulus separately and just recording functional coverage, the coverage is searched in the order it was recorded in the data structure. As a result, the bins at the end in your case will not get covered when using the default coverage recording methods (COUNT_FIRST). OTOH, you can use SetCountMode to change the mode to COUNT_ALL, and then they will be counted.

OTOH, if you are randomizing using the coverage model using GetRandPoint (was named RandCovPoint previously and is still supported but not recommended), it remembers the bin that it used to generate the random value and when recording coverage with ICover, it will search for the value in that bin before searching the data structure in order – doing this significantly improves search performance.

Best Regards,