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Jim Lewis

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AddCross adds items to the coverage model, so you need to do this before generating values. If you do additional AddCross, that simply adds to the coverage model – even in this case when they are redundant.

The call to “ICover(ID)” requires a parameter such as “ICover(ID, comb)”.

Also, I no longer recommend the while loop for this application. It can lead to trouble if the coverage definition is done by a process that is separate from the stimulus generation. Instead, I recommend that everyone uses a repeat until style loop (by using an exit condition at the end of the loop).

  variable comb : integer_vector(1 downto 0);
  AddCross(ID,4, GenBin(1), GenBin(0,3));
    comb := GetRandPoint (ID);
    Icover(id, comb);
    exit when IsCovered (ID) ;
  end loop ;

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