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Hi Jim,

thanks, I appreciate your detailed response. I have started implementing the VC with most parameters as model options. Originally I wanted to create a custom transaction type, but for now I am using the Stream MIT. I use the data parameter of Send() to pass the seed for pixel-data generation and generate a complete frame. This doesn’t seem to fit exactly to the intended purpose of the Stream-Send() (sending a single data word), but it does the job.

One reason I was looking for a framework with some existing VC/BFMs was the possibility to create sensor stimulus and, in parallel, access control and status registers through the AXI interface. This also works nicely.

One problem I see with your suggestion to have Send() call SetModelOptions() automatically is that I somehow have to synchronize the parameters for the driver and checker, so that the checker parameters aren’t changed while a frame is still in flight through the DUT.

Anyway, I’ll experiment a bit more with this and add a checker/scoreboard. I’ll post an update when I have made more progress.