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Jim Lewis

Hi Adam,
I just pushed a new version of Axi4Manager.vhd with random delays. They maintain backward compatibility, and hence, you have to turn on the randomization features. No documentation yet. I still have to add random delays to Axi4Memory and Axi4Subordinate – I also need to add them to the VTI versions of the VC. Also the initial delay values will likely need a tune-up to be better suited to what we need to accomplish with the interface.

See test casesTbAxi4_ManagerRandomTiming1.vhd and TbAxi4_ManagerRandomTimingAsync1.vhd in the directory OsvvmLibraries/AXI4/Axi4/TestCases.

I added random delays to AxiStream VC first (but also not VTI yet). It is looking like the control capability for Axi4 has more capability than is needed, but comes in handy for AxiStream.