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Jim Lewis

Hi Lukas,
Do you have the output of LinkLibraryDirectory? If it is working ok, it should be something like the following:

LinkLibraryDirectory C:/tools/VHDL_LIBS/QuestaSim-2022.01
# set CurrentSimulationDirectory C:/tools/sim/questa
# vmap    defaultlib  C:/tools/VHDL_LIBS/QuestaSim-2022.01/defaultlib
# vmap    osvvm  C:/tools/VHDL_LIBS/QuestaSim-2022.01/osvvm
# vmap    osvvm_axi4  C:/tools/VHDL_LIBS/QuestaSim-2022.01/osvvm_axi4
# vmap    osvvm_common  C:/tools/VHDL_LIBS/QuestaSim-2022.01/osvvm_common
# vmap    osvvm_cosim  C:/tools/VHDL_LIBS/QuestaSim-2022.01/osvvm_cosim
# vmap    osvvm_dpram  C:/tools/VHDL_LIBS/QuestaSim-2022.01/osvvm_dpram
# vmap    osvvm_dpram_pt  C:/tools/VHDL_LIBS/QuestaSim-2022.01/osvvm_dpram_pt
# vmap    osvvm_ethernet  C:/tools/VHDL_LIBS/QuestaSim-2022.01/osvvm_ethernet
# vmap    osvvm_uart  C:/tools/VHDL_LIBS/QuestaSim-2022.01/osvvm_uart

If the precompiled altera libraries are not all in the same directory, you may have to do several LinkLibraryDirectory.

You probably also need to look into which libraries does it find and which ones are missing and where are they located.

Best Regards,

P.S. With ModelSim/QuestaSim, watch out for spaces in the library path. You can work around issues if you can compose a relative path to the libraries without the space, but otherwise, you may be out of luck – that is one tool bug that I cannot find a good work around for.