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Jim Lewis

Hi Joseph,
This is coming from the call to SafeResize that is inside of OSVVM verification components. What it is telling you is that the testbench put a value with more one’s on the left hand side of it in the call to a transaction, such as Write, Read, or Send, than is used by the verification component.

The error will happen when you call Send(StreamRec, X”1FF”) and the VC only uses 8 bits of data internally. Hence, the ‘1’ value on the left hand side of the test case supplied value is thrown away. Instead call Send(StreamRec, X”FF”) and everything is fine. Even calling Send(StreamRec, X”00FF”) is ok as it would be throwing away ‘0’ and the value is not modified.

For a test that has this sort of ERROR, the test case that uses a value of X”1FF”, but expects it to be interpreted as X”FF” is at a minimum obfuscating the intent of the test – as a result OSVVM counts this as an ERROR. VHDL+OSVVM is intended to be able to be used in safety critical environments where this sort of thing is important.

Best Regards,