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Jim Lewis

Hi Brad,
Short answer: yes you must run either simulate or RunTest to get the coverage reports

Behind the scenes when simulate finishes it saves the code coverage data base. When a test suite finishes, the code coverage from each test case is merged together. When the build finishes, it merges together the coverage from each test suite and creates the merged build coverage database. From the merged build coverage database, the html reports are created.

RunTest is just a short hand for: TestName ; analyze .vhd ; simulate test

Look in the directory logs// for either _log.html or .log. Find how the vsim arguments were put together.

I suspect that you will find some of the information is repeated. I think you need:
SetExtendedSimulateOptions “-dbg -t 0 -ieee_nowarn -dataset {$PATH_TO_SIM_DIR/sim} -datasetname {sim} -loadvhpi $aldec/bin/aldec_matlab_cosim.dll:ml2hdl”

The part “work.testcase_file” is added by RunTest/simulate – but instead as: -lib work testcase_file

The part “-acdb_cov sbm -cc_all” is already added by “SetCoverageSimulateEnable true”.

Let me know if that works. If you check the log files you will note that it composes the simulate in a different order – I don’t think that would cause problems, but it is possible.