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Jim Lewis

Hi Ajeetha,
Since you are creating a code generator I recommend that when it uses ScoreboardIDType that it always uses a selected path that includes the library and package as that way if people using the generated code add to it they too will not have any issues – and they will have a safe example from which to template.

If your generator includes generating the EndOfTestReports, I recommend that for non-osvvm scoreboards that you add a call to WriteScoreboardYaml before the call to EndOfTestReports:

    osvvm_uart.ScoreboardPkg_Uart.WriteScoreboardYaml(FileName => "Uart") ;
    EndOfTestReports ; 
    std.env.stop ;

There are examples of this in the OsvvmLibraries/UART/testbench_multiple_uarts – however – note that the examples need to be updated as with release 2024.03, short named parameters (as shown above) became the default. The examples there are still using full file name. I just updated in my copy of the dev release and they will be pushed shortly.