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Hi All,

I am still struggling with compiling OSVVM using Cadence. I tried irun and ncvhdl but neither of them worked for me. Did anybody managed to do it.

Please inform us if anybody did it?

Latest error messgae:

irun(64): 14.10-s002: (c) Copyright 1995-2014 Cadence Design Systems, Inc.
ncvhdl_p: *E,CYCDEP: cyclic dependency detected between unit(s)
    COVERAGEPKG (/home/nxp59337/SyncProjects/virage/workspace/data/sa_dig_ang_datapathn1_lib/sa_dig_ang_datapathn1/nccoex/osvvm/CoveragePkg.vhd, line 103)
    OSVVMGLOBALPKG (/home/nxp59337/SyncProjects/virage/workspace/data/sa_dig_ang_datapathn1_lib/sa_dig_ang_datapathn1/nccoex/osvvm/OsvvmGlobalPkg.vhd, line 52).
irun: *E,VHLERR: Error during parsing VHDL file (status 1), exiting.


The error is at those lines:

  — type OsvvmOptionsType is (OPT_DEFAULT, FALSE, TRUE) ;
  alias CovOptionsType is OSVVM.OsvvmGlobalPkg.OsvvmOptionsType ;
  constant COV_OPT_INIT_PARM_DETECT : CovOptionsType := OSVVM.OsvvmGlobalPkg.OPT_INIT_PARM_DETECT ;
  — For backward compatibility.  Don’t add to other packages. 
  alias DISABLED is OSVVM.OsvvmGlobalPkg.DISABLED [return OSVVM.OsvvmGlobalPkg.OsvvmOptionsType ]; 
  alias ENABLED is OSVVM.OsvvmGlobalPkg.ENABLED [return OSVVM.OsvvmGlobalPkg.OsvvmOptionsType ];