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Jim Lewis

Hi Ken,
OSVVM does not currently provide an interface to create UCDB cover groups.
If it were straight forward, it would be done.  However it is not.

One of the problems is with cross coverage.   OSVVM creates cross coverage directly without first creating a coverage point (SV) / item (‘e’).   While both SV and ‘e’ create coverage points / items first, this makes it awkward for them to do anything more than a simple Cartesian Cross.    Since UCDB is based on the SV/’e’model, it requires logging of coverage points.  Currently OSVVM does not log that information.   That information could be logged.  Alternately we could write out the cross coverage bin by bin as separate cross coverage items within a coverage group.   Ultimately this may have to be done anyway as each cross coverage item may have a separate coverage goal – this is an important feature since OSVVM uses the coverage goals as randomization weights.   

Long term, I am hoping to have a WriteUCDB, however, it is not done yet.

Does Mentor have their own private method of importing the information?   That I don’t know.  

Best Regards,