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Hi Jim,

I’m not using the coverage package yet. Currently I’m playing around with it to get the ideas behind it.

The 2 * #transitions operations are there because with cross coverage and intelligent randomization each transition is performed just once. Each transistion can be performed by two operations. So the intelligent randomization gives me a transition that is uncovered so far (the pair of operations), then I can perform operation 1 and operation 2 in a sequence. So one call of RandCovPoint is used to perform two operations afterwards. That’s my current idea.

I also get your idea of splitting the generation process and the coverage monitoring process.

The ALU is just an example. In reality I have dozens of different operations.

BTW: Why is there no RandCovPoint function for simple bins? When the documentation is talking about intelligent coverage it only discusses cross coverage. How can I get the same functionality without cross coverage?