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Well, I want to be able to decide whether to process the bins randomly or linearly. If I am debugging I remove bugs from bin to bin in a linear order. For that randomization would hinder me.

I therefore wrote an own function that selects the function of the CoveragePkg to use:

    type t_cov_order is (LINEAR, RANDOM);

    procedure cov_get_next_bin(v_order: in t_cov_order; v_coverage: inout CovPType; v_next_bin: out integer) is
        if v_order = LINEAR then
            v_next_bin := v_coverage.GetCovHoleMin(1).min;
            v_next_bin := v_coverage.RandCovHole(100.0)(1).min;
        end if;
    end procedure;

Too bad, I can’t pass the CovPType to a function call, because of VHDL limitations.