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Lyle Swanson

Hi Jim,

  Thanks for the quick response.    Here are two scenarios where merging databases could be used:

  1)   The 2nd-last paragraph of your response appears to answer this application; can you confirm or correct:
     A DUT processes a layered protocol:  “Prot_x” over Ethernet.  In a given operating session, there can be 1-20 “Prot_x” streams coming from the traffic generator, and the streams operate at one of 100 different data rates.  So, in a given simulation run, the DUT is configured to process 1-20 data streams at specified data rates.
  Therefore, it would take a large number of simulation runs to functionally cover the different DUT configurations.   Is database-merging required here, or can OSVVM packages already manage this application?

2)   As done in simulators like VCS & Questa,  merging databases from different testcases is performed in order to show the overall progress of a regression.  
  Quoting online VCS literature, “Unified coverage aggregates all aspects of coverage in a common database, thereby allowing powerful queries and useful unified report generation.”