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Jim Lewis

Hi Michael,
The intention is that it reports statemachine options. Maybe I am missing something in the scripts?

You can set the specific options you want with SetCoverageAnalyzeOptions and SetCoverageSimulateOptions. The defaults for Riviera-PRO are as follows. I thought the “m” here is for statemachines.

SetCoverageAnalyzeOptions "-coverage sbm"
SetCoverageSimulateOptions "-acdb -acdb_cov sbm -cc_all"

The SetCoverageAnalyzeOptions results in calls to vcom of the following format:
vcom -2008 -relax -work DesignLib -coverage sbm Design1.vhd

The SetCoverageSimulateOptions results in calls to vsim of the following format:
vsim -acdb -acdb_cov sbm -cc_all -t ps -lib TestLib Test1

For merge OSVVM does:
acdb merge -o TestSuite.acdb -i Test1.acdb -i Test2.acdb -i Test3.acdb

For reporting OSVVM does:
acdb report -html -i TestSuite.acdb -o TestSuite.html

Am I missing a switch to cause the statemachine reports to be generated?