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Jim Lewis

Hi Adam,
If you are using the OSVVM Axi4Lite VC, the best way to get word addresses is to just throw away the lower address bits and do full word writes to the interface. Hence, the transaction calls would still use the addresses X”0000″, X”0004″, X”0008″, …, but since you are throwing away the lower two address bits, the memory would see it as X”0000″, X”0001″, X”0002″, ….

This way you do not need to do any funny business with the WSTRB or the data.

Looking at the code, I suspect if you give it a byte address of other than 0, some of the data information will be masked. This is the correct thing to do for AXI, so I think you will need to follow my suggestion in the first paragraph.

Best Regards,