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    Robert Gaddi

    I’m working on a simulation where the easiest way to manage the whole thing was to generate three files full of vectors and have each process responsible for reading through one file, doing the thing on that line, and going on to the next. What that means is that, for each process (each of which gets it’s own AlertLogID) any alert I generate REALLY wants to also flag the vector file line number.

    So, what I’d be looking for would be basically SetAlertSuffix(ALRT, "% stim.txt:" & integer'image(lineno)); after which any alert fired on ALRT would look like Alert ERROR in THAT_PROCESS, A thing went wrong % stim.txt:5 at 1330004 ns until I called SetAlertSuffix again for line 6.

    If I wrote that up, would there be interest in incorporating it, or is my use case more obscure than I think it is? Also, moral question, should that suffix attach only to the alert ID in question, or should it propagate to children?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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