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    Jorge Tonfat


    I am trying to use these two functions to accumulate the coverage results across different testcases. I am using Active-HDL 10.5 with OSVVM 2017.05.

    So, after finishing the coverage collection in my first testcase, I save the results with the command: 

    cp_link_fsm.WriteCovDb( “TC1CpLinkFsmDb.txt”, WRITE_MODE ) ;

    On the next testcase, before starting to collect the coverage, I just load the coverage model DB with : 

    cp_link_fsm.ReadCovDb( “TC1CpLinkFsmDb.txt”, TRUE);

    The execution of this command generates the following error message in the simulator:

    Alert FAILURE in cp_link_fsm, CoveragePkg.AddCross: Cross coverage bins of different dimensions prohibited …

    Maybe I am missing something or is related to  the fact that my coverage model is made from cross coverage.

    Thank you,


    Jim Lewis
    Hi Jorge,
    Can you post the coverage model definition for both use cases?
    What the error message is saying is that the two coverage models
    have dimensions, and hence, there is no way to merge the models.
    By dimensions, I mean the number of items in a cross or for for item
    coverage it is 1.
    If this is not it, I need your coverage model definitions so I can
    reproduce the results.   If you can send me a small example that
    exhibits this behavior, I can look at it. 
    Best Regards,
    Jorge Tonfat

    Hi Jim,
    Thank you for your response. I defined the coverage model in the first testcase only.
    On the second testcase I just load the model from the file.

    However, today I have tried to first redefine the model again in my second testcase and then load the coverage data from the file and it is working good now.

    Something I have noticed is that the data loaded from the file is not forwarded to the simulator coverage database (ACDB file).
    I am thinking how solve this. Do you have any suggestion?

    Best regards,

    Jorge Tonfat

    Hi Jim,

    I found in the ALDEC documentation how to merge the functional coverage using the acdb edit command.


    ## Merge functional coverage from TSSPWIP

    acdb edit -i "$dsn/src/Unit Test/unittest.acdb" -move -merge instance /unittest/TSSPWIP/TC* /unittest/TSSPWIP/TC3RecvErr

    Best regards,


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