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    I’m doing a testbench for an ALU.

    In SystemVerilog is possible to create a bin for a sequence of ALU operations for example:

     typedef enum {add, sub, mult, and, or, xor, nand, nor} op_t;

    op_t AluOp;

      ent1: coverpoint AluOp

             bins l1  = (and => or => mult);

             bins l2  = (mult => mult => add);


    This bin will be activated only if those operation happen in this sequence. Is it possible to write a bin like that with OSVVM?

    Jim Lewis

    Sure, it is easy.   Sequences imply history.   We create history explicitly just like RTL – by using clocked processes / flip-flops.  

    Once you have history, this is just a simple cross product of selected current values and two previous values.  

    WRT sampling, in OSVVM, we trigger on transaction completion using an explicit call to ICover.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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