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    Hi Jim/fellow OSVVMers,

    Not sure if this is worthy of a forum but… I ran into a small  issue the other day whilst using Deallocate. It appears that it doesn’t reset (set) “LastIndex”.

    I used Deallocate then promptly created a load of Bins in the recently Deallocated CovPType, then called ICover and boom, fail (@ if CountMode = COUNT_FIRST and inside(CovPoint, CovBinPtr(LastIndex).BinVal.all) then).

    I can’t recall the precise version of CoveragePkg that it was (comes with the release of Questasim, but I can’t tell you which installation because I don’t know, and other reasons which I may not be allowed to discuss) but it looks like it equally applies to CoveragePkg release 2015.06 (which I have installed at home). Maybe I’m way out of date on this package.

    The work around was simple enough and merely involved changing CountModeType to COUNT_ALL.

    Not sure if this a crease (oversight) in Deallocate or totally intentional but, I thought I’d point it out. Perhaps you can advise me/us on that.

    Anyhoo, great stuff this OSVVM, saves *us* a lot of pain.

    Best Regards, and keep at it.


    Jim Lewis

    Hi Richard,

    Thanks for reporting this.  It looks like the current version (2016.01) has the same issue.   If you want to do a quick edit of the package.  In Deallocate, it should assign LastIndex to 1. 

    If you want an alternative work around, after deallocate, call RandCovPoint and discard the values.  This will set LastIndex to something appropriate for your coverage model.

    If you are just trying to zero out your coverage model, you might try SetCovZero. 

    This will be fixed on the GitHub site shortly and later in the next formal release.

    Best Regards,



    Hi Jim,

    Thanks for getting back to me, and so promptly too. As you say it’s an easy enough fix/work-around.

    I like your OSVVM stuff. It works.

    Best Regards, Richard.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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