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    Ian Gibbins

    Registered members are free to create new topics or post replies to existing topics as long as they follow these rules:

    1. No advertising and any other form of spamming.
    2. No personal attacks on ANYBODY.
    3. Since it is technical forum, critique must be constructive, i.e. if you don’t like something, explain why and possibly suggest ways of improving/correcting the issue.

    Posters not familiar with HTML tags are kindly asked to restrict themselves to plain text only. If your post looks horrible/incomprehensible due to HTML misuse, we may be forced to delete it!

    Regular subscribers can post in forums only. You must be promoted to contributor or author to post in blog section. High quality forum posts are the best way of convincing administrators that you deserve promotion…

    Thank you for your co-operation!

    Your friendly OS-VVM.org administrators

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