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    I’m using the OSVVM CoveragePkg to generate random stimulus and AlertLogPkg for logging and result-checking. Intelligent coverage randomization generates about 1000 coverage points, which are all exercised in the same test. After about 400 iterations, the simulator runs out of memory, probably because of too many Log()  calls in my simulation code.

    What’s the recommended way of dealing with this (apart from commenting out the logging calls from my simulation code)?  Is there, maybe, a way I can flush the logging queue after each test iteration?



    Jim Lewis

    Hi Guy,

    Thanks for sending me the test case. 

    I found that the call to AddCross and RandCovPoint had a cross product of 6 items, however, the call to ICover only had 5 items.  When I changed the test code and stubbed out the transaction procedure calls, it ran to completion without errors on my install (Windows 8.1, RivieraPro 2015.02 64 bit). 

    As a side note, ICover minimizes the amount of error checking that it does.  It is always in the critical path of execution.  It is a tricky problem.  Sure would be nice to have the error checking in the code for a debug simulation, but not have it in the code for a mature testbench that is running regressions.

    I should also note that I tested on the 2015.06 release. 



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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