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    Dave Ansell

    To Jim Lewis.

    I’m very glad to see the development of OSVVM.
    There is something missing.

    You have got
    Cross Coverage of Data Space.
    What about Time?      With little effort, you could cover events as well.

    I’m talking about simple EVENT TRIGGERS, the user will be responsible for what those events are & the data stimulus involved.

    Need Random time variation to Present Data Pkt to a system
    With more than 1 Pkt Input Need Cross Coverage of these & CPU access etc.

    Cross Coverage of relative Pkt Start, End of Header, Middle & end of Pkts

    Also need Cross Coverage of these with other Events

    Even events caused by Pkt contents such as decryption of Pkt Data intended for DUT & not to be passed on.

    The above are real world problems that could lead to people spending an enormous amount of money on formal verification tools but even then, I doubt that formal verification could do the job within a reasonable time.

    Event Cross Coverage & ScoreBoarding are needed.

    The existing OSVVM packages mean that you have written most of the code already.

    How about modifying copies of the packages to put out event trigger pulses to give Temporal Coverage?

    Not very much effort required.

    Let me know what you think,

    Jim Lewis

    Hi Dave,

    Coverage is recorded when ICover is called. This means you have complete control.  If you want that to be based on an event or on a transaction basis, just call it after you have detected the event or transaction completion in your code. 

    For an example, see https://osvvm.wpengine.com/forums/topic/state-transitions-as-coverage-bins

    If this does not answer your question, try to be more specific.   Perhaps sketch out what you are thinking in pseudo code. 

    We are releasing our generic scoreboard package with the 2016.11 (due out real soon).  Students who have taken our class have had access to this for some time.  

    Best Regards,


    Dave Ansell

    Yes, I DownLoaded your ScoreBoarding Pkg weeks ago but I haven’t used it for real yet.

    When I discovered OSVVM a couple of years ago, I STOPPED USING most of my verification Packages & decided to use OSVVM INSTEAD.

    The effort I put into my Packages was just enough for what I needed & NO MORE.
    I simply don’t have time to do what you have done.

    OSVVM is a BIG time saver.


    Dave Ansell

    Had a ReThink about OSVVM Temporal Coverage.

    Can we do it with the existing Packages?



    RandCovPoint produces Numbers & we can let those Numbers represent whatever we want.

    We can let those Numbers represent TIME if we want to.
    We do not need new Packages to do OSVVM Temporal Coverage.

    See this post

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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