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    Helge Klug
    Ian Gibbins


    This is known issue in the compiler that is being addressed now. It happens when overloaded function with result type of both vector and its element is used in assignment where the target is an aggregate.
    The proper workaround does not require package code change – use qualified expression with function call:
    integer_vector'(var. RandCovPoint)
    I will update example design to show this option and post when tool fix is available.

    Thank you,
    Your friendly admin.

    Andy Jones


    Yep, you touched it! And for a reason that is completely, absolutely unnecessary. The advised code (qualified expression) works on all tools, so there is no reason to use a pre-processor/compiler directive.

    Such crutches are often needed in poorly specified languages like Verilog/SV, because of misunderstandings about what the correct compiler/language behavior actually should be, due to the lack of a complete, formal specification for the language. 

    Furthermore, once allowed, these hacks work their way into standard libraries and usage models (UVM!), instead of fixing the shortcomings of the language and/or SV library itself.


    Jim Lewis

    Hi All,

    2013.05 fixes this.  There is a workaround that Jerry found and I put into the packages.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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