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    *Hello all,

         When I try to use Scoreboard package in Questa Sim 10.4a, it crashes once in every two runs. Windows gives the following error:

    “Vish.exe has stopped working”

    Have you ever  encountered such a problem?



    I’ve been using ScoreboardPkg with Questa 10.4c_5 without problems.

    If there’s an issue with the 10.4a version maybe upgrading the simulator can help.

    Can you provide some example code that causes your Questa version to crash?

    Have a nice simulation



    Thanks for quick response. Beacuse of the security policy of my company, I cannot publish my codes on the internet. 

    I used Modelsim simulator and it seems to work fine. I will continue with it

    Jim Lewis

    That unfortunately is a known bug.   10.4 brought some new cool features, but some how broke for the scoreboard in a way that I could not figure out how to work around.   If you are just working with the primary releases, the following versions also exhibit the issue:  10.4, 10.4a, 10.4b, 10.4c.   10.3 was fine.   10.4d and 10.5 are fine.

    The scoreboard package has been part of our training classes since 2006.   When I decided to release it, I held the OSVVM release of the scoreboard until the current version of the tools addressed the issues.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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