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    As you are perhaps aware, Accellera recently approved a new standard for coverage interoperability, UCIS (https://www.accellera.org/activities/committees/ucis/). Are there plans/initatives to bring OS-VVM coverage to UCIS in near future? Is it for the EDA vendors to do it? If yes, can we – the users start demanding for it? 



    Jim Lewis

    There are already procedure methods for writing out a database file:  WriteCovDb and ReadCovDb.  They are not currently UCIS format.

    This may end up being a vendor specific issue.  Vendors tend to manage the UCIS with their own API.  We may need to tap into that API to be able to read or write a database.  OTOH, it the format is simple enough, we may be able to generate a vendor independent model.

    Do you know if UCIS supports each coverage bin in a coverage model having a different coverage goal?  How would we support OSVVM specific items in the UCIS model?




      I’m not an expert in UCIS (yet, maybe in future) – but yes, you got my thought correctly: From OS-VVM lib if we can generate vendor independent UCIS DB that would be awesome. I know it is a long shot, perhaps by 2020 (joking), but more realistically – it is one internship project for a smart graduate student I guess.

    Meanwhile vendors like Aldec might take the lead and do it in their tool sooner.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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