Announcing OSVVM™ 2016.11a

December 16, 2016 in Announcement, OS-VVM in general

2016.11a is a minor release. The only file that changed is VendorCovApiPkg_Aldec.vhd. There was a bug in one of the attributes that has been fixed and verified.

VendorCovApiPKg simplifies the connection between OSVVM functional coverage a vendor’s internal functional coverage database. The operation of the API is simple. Within OSVVM, all calls to create a functional coverage model (AddBins and AddCross) and record coverage (ICover) are forwarded to a simulator via VendorCovApiPkg. The simulator can use these calls to create an internal version of the functional coverage model and record the coverage.

VendorCovApiPkg_Aldec.vhd works with Riviera-PRO 2016.10. Aldec anticipates that the next release of Active-HDL will support VendorCovApiPkg_Aldec.vhd.

The heart of VendorCovApiPkg is covered in two pages of VendorCovApiPkg_user_guide.pdf.

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