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April 3, 2018 in Alerts and Logs, OS-VVM in general

Webinar Taming Testbench Messaging and Error Reporting with OSVVM’s Logs and Alerts.

Thursday April 5, 2018

Printing and error reporting in VHDL are tedious, yet necessary testbench tasks. Fortunately, Open Source VHDL Verification Methodology (OSVVM) provides library utilities to simplify these tasks. This presentation covers the details of OSVVMs transcript utility in TranscrptPkg as well as OSVVM’s logs, alerts, and affirmations in AlertLogPkg.

Testbench printing consists of messages from different entities. To collect the output from different sources into a single file will generally result in the usage of OUTPUT and intermingling of test results with simulator messages. OSVVM transcripts allow the collection of all test outputs into either OUTPUT or a named file.

Printing in VHDL involves TEXTIO which requires multiple calls to write followed by a call to writeline. OSVVM focuses on printing type string and uses the VHDL-2008 to_string functions to handle any necessary conversions. Hence, simple printing is a single call to print.

Going further will test the need to filter messages. Only print a particular message during the debug. Print another message when testing is complete and we need printing to document what tests were run and passed. OSVVM is capable of handling this through its logging utility.

Error handling in tests can be complicated and error prone. Error handling involves printing (the easy part) and error counting. Unfortunately, the error counting requires a separate signal for each process that can detect an error. When the test completes, we sum up all of the error sources and print a pass / fail report. OSVVM handles error counting and printing via its Alert and Affirm procedures. When one of these detects an error, it records it in a data structure that is inside the AlertLogPkg. When the test completes, the test writer calls ReportAlerts and a pass/fail report is produced.

Europe Session 3-4 pm CEST 6-7 am PST 9-10 am EST Enroll with Aldec
US Session 11 am -12 noon PST 2-3 pm EST 8-9 pm CEST Enroll with Aldec

OSVVM Training Dates

Advanced VHDL Testbenches and Verification – OSVVM+ Boot Camp

Like the Webinar? Ready to make Open Source VHDL Verification Methodology (OSVVM) part of your VHDL testbench and verification methodology? Join me for Advanced VHDL Testbenches and Verification, AKA The OSVVM Boot Camp.

In this class you will gain hands on experience in the latest VHDL verification techniques using OSVVM. You will create a VHDL testbench environment that is competitive with other verification languages, such as SystemVerilog or ‘e’. These techniques and capabilities include:
• Transaction-Based Modeling
• Constrained Random test generation
• Functional Coverage with hooks for UCIS coverage database integration
• Intelligent Coverage Random test generation
• Utilities for testbench process synchronization
• Transcript files
• Error logging and reporting – Alerts and Affirmations
• Message filtering – Logs
• Scoreboards and FIFOs (data structures for verification)
• Memory models

Our techniques work on VHDL simulators without additional licenses and are intended to be readable by Verification and RTL design engineers, as well as, system and software engineers.

The intention of OSVVM goes beyond capability though – OSVVM intends to make verification environments easy, readable, and fun. OSVVM can accomplish this for either a large complex ASIC or a simple FPGA RTL block.

Join us – learn to work smarter and not harder. Expect to work hard in class though as this is a 5 day class and our typical class day is 8 hours (8:30 – 17:30+)

April 23 – 27 and May 7 – 11 Web Class Enroll with SynthWorks
May 21 – 25 Gothenburg, Sweden Enroll with FirstEDA
June 4 – 8 and June 18 – 22 Web Class Enroll with SynthWorks

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