Functional Coverage Goals and Randomization Weights

August 3, 2013 in Functional Coverage, Randomization

In a constrained random approach, different items can be selected more frequently by using randomization weights. Items with a higher randomization weight are selected more frequently.

In Intelligent Coverage, the same effect can be achieved by using coverage goals. A coverage goal specifies how many times a value must land in a bin before the bin is considered covered. Each bin within the coverage model can have a different coverage goal. By default, coverage goals are also used as a randomization weight. Bins with a higher goal/weight will be generated more frequently. When a bin reaches its goal, it is no longer selected by Intelligent Coverage randomization.

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  1. Sir,

    I’m a research scholar from India doing the functional coverage of FIFO using Xilinx 14.2 ISE suite. I have been using your FIFO example code & OSVVM library packages but come up with the following set of errors : 

    ERROR:HDLCompiler:806 – “F:/FPGACkts/ALU/../OSVVM/OSVVM_2015_01/NamePkg.vhd” Line 5: Syntax error near “protected”.

    ERROR:HDLCompiler:806 – “F:/FPGACkts/ALU/../OSVVM/OSVVM_2015_01/NamePkg.vhd” Line 12: Syntax error near “NamePType”.

    ERROR:HDLCompiler:925 – “F:/FPGACkts/ALU/../OSVVM/OSVVM_2015_01/NamePkg.vhd” Line 5: Missing full type definition for nameptype

    ERROR:HDLCompiler:854 – “F:/FPGACkts/ALU/../OSVVM/OSVVM_2015_01/NamePkg.vhd” Line 3: Unit <namepkg> ignored due to previous errors.

    ERROR:HDLCompiler:688 – “F:/FPGACkts/ALU/../OSVVM/OSVVM_2015_01/NamePkg.vhd” Line 16: Package declaration namepkg is not yet compiled

    ERROR:HDLCompiler:806 – “F:/FPGACkts/ALU/../OSVVM/OSVVM_2015_01/NamePkg.vhd” Line 17: Syntax error near “protected”.

    Kindly notify me where i’m wrong. Expecting help from your side ASAP.

    Thank you.

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