My First Example with OS-VVM CoveragePkg

May 16, 2014 in Functional Coverage, OS-VVM in general

A Guest Blog from Alex Grove of FirstEDA

Here in Europe, I recently had the opportunity to work with Jim Lewis, OS-VVM Chief Architect and IEEE 1076 Working Group Chair, on the first Advanced VHDL Testbenches & Verification training course. This training, held in Bracknell, UK, was attended by engineers from several major European system companies who design and verify programmable devices (FPGAs). VHDL is by far the dominate language used by Europe’s system companies for the design and verification of FPGAs, however it is unclear to many how to enhance their verification with VHDL. What I have found is that experienced FPGA design engineers (including myself) are not utilising the VHDL language for verification.

Verification with VHDL

Jim Lewis introduces VHDL’s verification capabilities, including new VHDL 2008 features and the Open Source VHDL Verification Methodology (OSVVM). OSVVM provides a methodology for testbench development and verification packages that provide functional coverage and random value generation.

To demonstrate the use of the OSVVM functional coverage package ‘CoveragePkg’, I took a familiar Finite-state Machine (FSM) the IEEE 1149.1 TAP (Test Access Port) controller. This is a clever little state machine that I am rather fond of, having spent a lot of time working with it as part of my degree dissertation on Built-in Self Test (BIST).

So let’s take a look at our IEEE 1149.1 TAP FSM.

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