Announcing OSVVM™ 2015.03

March 29, 2015 in Announcement, OS-VVM in general

OSVVM 2015.03 is a minor release that updates only AlertLogPkg. All other packages remain unchanged.

In AlertLogPkg, added AlertIfEqual, AlertIfNotEqual, and AlertIfDiff (file). Added ReadLogEnables to initialize LogEnables from a file. Added ReportNonZeroAlerts. Added PathTail to extract an instance name from MyEntity’PathName. Added ReportLogEnables and GetAlertLogName. See AlertLogPkg_User_Guide.pdf for details.

For hierarchy mode, AlertIfEqual, AlertIfNotEqual, and AlertIfDiff have the AlertLogID parameter first. Overloading was added for AlertIf and AlertIfNot to make these consistent. Now with multiple parameters, it is easier to remember that the AlertLogID parameter is first. The older AlertIf and AlertIfNot with the AlertLogID as the second parameter were kept for backward compatibility, but are considered bad practice to use in new code.

Added ParentID parameter to FindAlertLogID. This is necessary to correctly find an ID within an entity that is used more than once.

Bug fix: Updated GetAlertLogID to use the two parameter FindAlertLogID. Without this fix, Alerts with the same name incorrectly use the same AlertLogID.

Bug fix: Updated NewAlertLogRec (called by GetAlertLogID) so a new record gets Alert and Log enables based on its ParentID rather than the ALERTLOG_BASE_ID. Issue, if created an Comp1_AlertLogID, and disabled a level (such as WARNING), and then created a childID of Comp1_AlertLogID, WARNING would not be disabled in childID.

Bug fix: Updated ClearAlerts to correctly set stop counts (broke since it previously did not use named association). Without this fix, after calling ClearAlerts, a single FAILURE would not stop a simulation, however, a single WARNING would stop a simulation.

Since 2015.01 has known bugs, it has been deleted from the downloads page.

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  1. Hi Jim,

    The VUnit redistribution of OSVVM on Github has also been updated to the latest version.

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