OSVVM on Aldec, Mentor, GHDL, and working towards Cadence

February 20, 2016 in OS-VVM in general

OSVVM 2016.01 Tested On
Some may think that OSVVM only works on a particular simulator. Not so. I test OSVVM on the latest release of Aldec ActiveHDL, Aldec RivieraPro, Mentor QuestaSim, and GHDL that I have installed. 2016.01 was tested and passes all regressions on:
Aldec ActiveHDL 10.2
Aldec RivieraPro 2015.02
Mentor QuestaSim 10.4d
GHDL 0.33

Beyond OSVVM 2016.01
Any minor bugs that are found will be fixed on the GitHub site first. To get the latest see: https://github.com/JimLewis/OSVVM

Working Towards Cadence
OSVVM is for all simulators. So for any simulator for which people report bugs, I will try to create work arounds.

On that theme, we have a number of people who have been reporting issues with Cadence simulators. As a result, I have created a Dev_Cadence branch to work around as many of the issues encountered by Cadence simulators as possible. So far I have fixes for everything that I have seen recorded. Sometimes this may mean reduced capability. But nothing of any significance yet.

See Dev_Cadence.md for the list of changes. A direct link to the Dev_Cadence branch is here: https://github.com/JimLewis/OSVVM/tree/Dev_Cadence

I do not have a copy of the Cadence tools at this time, so please let me know the next set of issues you encounter, and I will get them incorporated into the branch. You can directly email me at jim at synthworks dot com. You can also message me through osvvm.org. You can submit issues against the branch on GitHub (preferred as it is easier for me to track and close).

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