Creating a VHDL-2002 Version of the OSVVM packages

May 6, 2013 in OS-VVM in general

Most simulators support VHDL-2008 now and we have stopped providing VHDL-2002 packages.  If your simulator does not support VHDL-2008, you can create VHDL-2002 version of the packages by using the following steps.

1. Convert the VHDL-2008 packages to VHDL-2002
To create VHDL-2002 versions, uncomment the following library and use clauses in the files: SortListPkg_int.vhd, RandomBasePkg.vhd, RandomPkg.vhd, and CoveragePkg.vhd:

library ieee_proposed ;
use ieee_proposed.standard_additions.all ;
use ieee_proposed.standard_textio_additions.all ;
use ieee_proposed.numeric_std_additions.all ;

Note that at some point in time, it may be necessary to use VHDL-2008 constructs. At that point in time, the above packages will not be available to uncomment and you will be need to use an older revision of the package.

2. Create library IEEE_PROPOSED
You will need an IEEE_PROPOSED library with the following files compiled into it: standard_additions_c.vhdl, standard_textio_additions_c.vhdl, env_c.vhdl, and numeric_std_additions.vhdl.   You can get the files from

3. Compiling the Packages
Turn on the VHDL-2002 compile switch.  Create a library named OSVVM.  Compile the files, SortListPkg_int.vhd, RandomBasePkg.vhd, RandomPkg.vhd, and CoveragePkg.vhd into the OSVVM library.

4. Running the Demo Programs
If you use a demo program (such as Demo_Rand.vhd) that references std.env.stop you will need to change the reference to ieee_proposed.env.stop.


For a pdf copy of this see the downloads page.

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