Announcing OSVVM Release 2014.01

March 20, 2014 in Announcement, OS-VVM in general

OSVVM release 2014.01 is now available at OSVVM Downloads. Note that starting with this release, I have separated the examples from the release of the library.

Message handling is now handled by separate package, MessagePkg. MessagePkg must be compiled before CoveragePkg. Suggested compile order:

  • MessagePkg.vhd
  • SortListPkg_int.vhd
  • RandomBasePkg.vhd
  • RandomPkg.vhd
  • CoveragePkg.vhd

What’s new in CoveragePkg?

  • Merging of coverage databases.
  • Tracking last randomization.
  • Improved handling of overlapping count bins
  • Improved reporting on Aldec tools

What’s new in RandomPkg?

  • Added RandTime and RandReal (for sets of real numbers)
  • Added randomization of vectors: RandIntV, RandRealV, RandTimeV
  • Made sort, revsort from SortListPkg_int visible via aliases

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  1. Thanks for the release, Jim. Are these packages newer than the ones we were using on your VHDL Verification course in Bracknell, UK a few weeks ago? Cheers.

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